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Be part of Equity Kids, a new nonprofit working with the next generation to explore ways of rejecting racism to make racial injustice a thing of the past. We accomplish this by creating racially and culturally diverse learning communities where children build cross-racial friendships while exploring race and culture.

We provide programs for children 4 years old through middle school.  Let us know if you’d be interested in bringing an Equity Kids program to your organization or community or would like your child to join one our existing programs.  

Program Offerings

Connect and Explore

Equity Kids’ Connect and Explore program serves children from 4 – 6 years old.  The goal of our age-appropriate Connect and Explore program is to provide young children with positive experiences in a diverse community early in the development of their racial identity.  Short classes are held weekly and use a play-based approach focused on learning to appreciate different cultures and races through fun interactions.  Activities include playing games, listening to music, and reading stories.  Parental support and resources are provided to further conversations at home.  Connect and Explore is offered as either a 10- or 15-week program.

Connect and Learn 

Equity Kids’ Connect and Learn program serves children in two age groups (7-10 and 11-13).  The goal of Connect and Learn is to help children break through demographic barriers and heal divisions through a dual emphasis on community and learning about one another while exploring race.

Our Connect and Learn program meets weekly to provide lessons and relationship-building opportunities for school-age children and progresses through four themes: Identity, Diversity, Justice, and Action.  We partner with area nonprofits, libraries, recreation centers, and schools that may select a 10, 15, or 30-week program.  Parental support and resources are provided to further conversations at home.

Workshop Series

Our workshop series provides elementary school-aged children and their families with a monthly program featuring fun activities and discussions exploring different aspects of race.  Our workshop series provides families with an introduction to Equity Kids and the opportunity to begin race-related discussions in their homes.