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Equity Kids explore ways of rejecting racism to make racial injustice a thing of the past.

It’s never too early to talk to children about differences, diversity, and equity.​

When you look into the eyes of a 6-month-old baby, you are witnessing the beginning of their journey as a racially aware individual. By the time children are two, they may begin to talk about skin color, and by four, they may assign traits to people who look different than them. Children with positive experiences in diverse communities learn to engage with a wide range of children and be more inclusive. As they grow older, they can have informed discussions about racial justice and are more inclined to become the next generation of allies and advocates for social justice.

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April 2023 Newsletter

Equity E-News April 2023  It’s true! It never IS “too early to talk to kids about differences, diversity and equity.” Equity Kids started our first “Littles”

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