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Our History

Equity Kids is a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The desire to create a new nonprofit began organically within a blended, biracial family. With the heightened unrest following the murder of George Floyd and others highlighting our country’s long-standing racial inequities, we recognized the stark difference between the impact racial injustice had on our black family members and our white family members. We also realized that although we are a blended family who has cared about and enjoyed the company of one another for 30 years, we had never shared in-depth, difficult conversations about how the color of our skin impacts our experiences. 

Feeling shaken by these hard truths, our white family members began a multi-generational study towards a deeper understanding of racial injustice’s history and impact. Wanting to go beyond discussions, a biracial group of family members formed to take a proactive response aimed at transforming the racially biased and white privileged culture in which we live. Working to develop and support cross-racial communities emerged as a primary focus area. The group explored research and organizations throughout the country and found that cross-racial communities have a significant positive impact on adults and children and counteract social injustices. With this knowledge, we created Equity Kids and hope it will serve as a successful model for others wishing to build communities and dismantle demographic barriers.  

Members of our seven-person founding board have long-standing careers in social justice, nonprofit management, nonprofit development, child development/counseling, and immigration/law. Furthermore, we represent the diverse community we strive to create with individuals who are black, Latino, and white.