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September 2023 Newsletter

Equity E-News Fall 2023 Welcome Back to a New Season! Thank you so much for tuning into the most recent issue of our Equity Kids newsletter! Here at Equity Kids we hope that the past few months have found you well and that you have remained mindful of race and diversity issues in your schools, […]

April 2023 Newsletter

Equity E-News April 2023  It’s true! It never IS “too early to talk to kids about differences, diversity and equity.” Equity Kids started our first “Littles” group, and with several weeks under our belt, the 4- and 5-year-old participants are bonding with each other, talking about skin colors, and learning to identify characteristics and identities of themselves […]

A Teacher’s View of Our Impact

A Teacher’s View of Our Impact https://equitykids.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/A-Teachers-View.mp4 ‘What I loved about what Equity Kids is, is that we’d be talking about injustice, and the next day in my other classes I’d see one of my Equity Kids, their lightbulb going off: “this is just what we were talking about in Equity Kids, that’s unfair, that’s […]

A Kid’s View of Our Impact

A Kid’s View of Our Impact We wanted you to see the unsolicited letter we received from a middle schooler who participated in an Equity Kids group earlier this year.  We were THRILLED to receive it and wanted to share her perspective with you to let you see what we’re accomplishing together. Thank YOU for […]

Newsletter – October 13, 2022

Newsletter – October 13, 2022 Equity Kids (EK) is turning over several “new leaves,” and we wanted to share them with you during this season of transition. We appreciate your interest and can’t believe the leaps and bounds we’ve taken since our last communication! Here are a few we are especially excited about: New national […]

A Parent’s View of Our Impact

A Parent’s View of Our Impact “MORE CONFIDENT ABOUT HER IDENTITY AND HISTORY” Earlier this month some of the Equity Kids and their families camped out overnight in Austin, Texas, playing games and learning more about each other. One parent, whose daughter participated in an EK group last semester, shared: “Because of Equity Kids, Jaleah […]